QualGood Industries is an young multi-specialty company started with the purpose to cater the diversified needs of polymer industry with highest level of ethics & integrity.  We are a manufacturer, supply chain partner and exporter of range of polymer and many other products & services.  

Raw Material Supplier

We are one of the leading polymer raw material suppliers of globally credible brands. Catering the material needs across industries, our main focus will be to deliver quality raw materials which are tailor made to suit their requirements on time.   We majorly deal with Specialty and Engineering polymer raw materials like Thermoplastic Elastomers [TPE], Thermoplastic Vulcanizate [TPV], Thermoplastic Olefines [TPO],  Thermoplastic Polyurethane [TPU], Nylon all ranges, PBT all ranges, ABS all ranges, Specialty additives & Master batches. These compounds are widely used across the industries and are designed to meet stringent criteria's with certificates and compliance documents

Molding Solutions

Committed to offer high quality molded products by partnering and collaborating with companies, having the high tech capability to produce both high precision and non precision products. Having the top notch manufacturing facility and strong expertise in plastic modling processes gives on edge  over players and to become a preferred molding partner. Plastic processes includes injection moudling, extrusion, blow molding and calendaring techniques. Having the capacities to mold wide range of products in different size and intricate shapes. Also can extrude profiles for various thickness, length using different materials. Currently we are molding high precision grommets and plugs which are serving oil and gas sector globally.

Technical consultancy

Our services do not stop only with supply of raw materials.  We do extend it by providing technical services for optimum use of materials for their processes.  Also technical services include selection of right raw materials for various needs & industries.  Consultancy ideas on the new generation raw materials to cater the needs of ever changing innovative environment.

Supply Chain Excellence

With the state of art warehouse facility and strong collaboration with logistics partner backed by strong inventory management has enabled us to provide timely supplies across the globe with lesser lead time. With the developed expertise we are serving both domestic  and international customers.

QualGood Industries

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