Qualgood Industries is a customer-centric supply chain partner that offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality polymer raw materials and compounds. With a focus on innovation, quality and reliability we cater to a wide range of industries, providing solutions that range from the softest to the hardest plastics. Our expertise extends across the spectrum, from elastomeric polymers to engineering and specialty polymers, as well as specialty additives and the manufacturing of few industrial components and healthcare consumables.

Specialty Additives

Offering masterbatch & performance additivies to enhance properties and functionalities of the polymer materials across a wide range of applications.

Diverse Product portfolio

Elastomeric Polymers

Our elastomeric polymer offerings include TPU, TPV, TPE, and TPO, catering to industries that require flexible, durable, and resilient materials.

Engineering Polymers

Our engineering polymer solutions, such as PP, Polyamide, and Polyacetal, provide the strength, durability, and heat resistance required in a variety of applications across the industries

Specialty Polymers

Our specialty polymer portfolio includes PTFE, PPS, and TPEE, offering unique properties and performance characteristics.

Serving Industries


Our plastics are essential in the healthcare industry, providing safe and reliable materials for medical devices and disposable consumables.


Our plastic solutions are crucial for the automotive industry, offering the strength, flexibility, and durability required for various components.

Footwear & Toys

Our plastics combine safety, comfort, and design flexibility to meet the unique needs of the footwear & toy industry by providing a wide range of options that meet stringent safety regulations durability and versatility.

Wires & Cables Our plastics offer exceptional performance in electrical wire and cable applications.

Irrigation & Plumbing Our plastics are ideal for irrigation and plumbing systems, providing resistance to water, corrosion, and weathering.

Molding Solutions

Committed to offer high quality molded products by partnering and collaborating with companies, having the high tech capability to produce both high precision and non precision products. Having the top notch manufacturing facility and strong expertise in plastic modling processes gives on edge  over players and to become a preferred molding partner. Plastic processes includes injection moudling, extrusion, blow molding and calendaring techniques. Having the capacities to mold wide range of products in different size and intricate shapes. Also can extrude profiles for various thickness, length using different materials. Currently we are molding high precision grommets and plugs which are serving oil and gas sector globally.

Customer centric

 With our strong inventory managemet,we ensures efficient storage and availability of the right products is available to our customer at the right time. Also working closely with them to understand their requirements and provide tailored solutions to their expectations

Technical consultancy

Our services do not stop only with supply of raw materials.  We do extend it by providing technical services for optimum use of materials for their processes.  Also technical services include selection of right raw materials for various needs & industries.  Consultancy ideas on the new generation raw materials to cater the needs of ever changing innovative environment.

Supply Chain Excellence

With the strong collaboration with logistics partner has enabled us to provide timely and safe delivery to our customers with lesser lead time. With the developed expertise we are serving both domestic  and international customers.

QualGood Industries

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